Real Estate and Rental Agents
We Buy Property!

ZAHomes invest into properties that meet 2 or more of the below criteria, rated from highest importance;

  1. Below market value purchase price
  2. Motivated seller  – Emigrating, Divorcing, Financial challenges, Backlog of rates and taxes, In need of a quick sale, etc.
  3. Cash flow positive from day 1 after ALL costs
  4. Distressed property
  5. Preferred price bracket R1M to R1.7M

We gladly work with agents looking to sell properties to us across the country. See our video below from our founder, Michael Bowen, along with a helpful second video to guide you through completing the Deal/No Deal sheet in Excel.

If you have properties that meet these criteria, please download our “Deal no deal calculator“,  and then submit that document via the “Deal submission” link

We also Work with Sourcing Agents
Click below for the documents we require to assess a deal

If you have investment grade properties, please:

  • Click the green links below to download our Deal documents which we require to assess your deals.
  • Watch the video below on how to complete the documents
  • Complete the forms and submit the following back to us:
    • The deal analysis sheet
    • A Lightstone report in PDF
    • Your deal presentation pack, which will summarise the highlights and overview of the deal
  • Submit the forms via the blue button below.

Agents, If you would like to contact us or ask any questions, please fill in the following form